Incorporated in 1997, Insanity is an independently owned group of entertainment companies. Our team of 65 passionate individuals work across four main areas:

In talent management, we partner with premium talent to manage every aspect of their careers. Many of our clients have been represented by us for over ten years and we are proud to have supported them to become leaders in their field. They represent talent in all areas of the entertainment industry, including more traditional broadcasters, digital-first talent, content creators, writers, music artists and brand partnerships Our clients dominate all areas of entertainment, whether hosting prime time television, hard hitting documentaries or presenting the biggest radio shows on air. We are a full service team managing day to day, live and corporate, brand partnerships, image rights management and more.

Insanity Records is our independently owned record label, under a long-term frontline label partnership with Sony Music UK. Our team offer the passion and personality of an independent label, with the backing of a major label and the resources of a large entertainment group.

Insanity Studios is our in-house content creation business. We lead the development of unique ideas and IP assets across both audio and audio-visual platforms, together with the production lifecycle of numerous projects across Podcast and YouTube platforms. In the IP space, Insanity Studios has a select slate of projects in development, some of which are partnered with major film studio partners and streamers.

Our partnerships group facilitate authentic talent relationships on behalf of brands. This independent team are experts in talent sourcing and campaign management for brands who are seeking out deep connections with their brand ambassadors, who want to hit KPI’s with a personalised strategy and who need expert casting from a brands team that have a foundational understanding of talent negotiations.

Our purpose is to empower our clients to tell stories that are impactful, entertaining and meaningful; and that have a positive impact on our community and the world around us.

Our vision is to be a bold, ambitious and ethical creative business that continues to turn heads by being ‘people first’ and that represents highly skilled clients that create quality content and tell powerful stories, while demonstrating strong values with a deep sense of purpose.

Our mission is to put talent at the heart of every decision we make while creating a collaborative team environment where our colleagues can thrive, both personally and in their careers. We are comfortable with learning from our mistakes, challenging the way we do things and are on a mission to constantly grow, improve and do better.

We have made a commitment to use our business as a force for good. This means considering people, planet and community in all that we do. It also means openly and honestly sharing our setbacks as well as our wins and striving to ensure that our actions match the promises we make.

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Insanity Group Ltd
Thirty Lighterman
30 Wharfdale Road
London N1 9RY
United Kingdom
+44 (0)20 7031 6240

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Insanity Group Limited (registered number: 9712931), Insanity Talent Management Limited (registered number: 6288733), Insanity Studios Limited (registered number: 09907715) and Insanity Records Limited (registered number: 9597152) are registered in England & Wales and have their registered office at 27 Mortimer Street, London, W1T 3BL.. Insanity Group LLC is incorporated in California under file State File Number 201805710172.


Andy Varley
Founder & CEO
Christopher Parker
Director, Legal & Business Affairs
Helen Gleave
Group Managing Director
Kirsty Williams
Co-Founder & President, US
Alice Beal
Managing Director
Insanity Records
Issy Lloyd
Director, Entertainment
Lloyd Marfo
Director of People
Neil Ransome
Creative Director, Entertainment
Sarah Bailey
Group Finance Director
Simon Read
Non-Executive Director


Abi Sandler
Production Assistant
Insanity Studios
Alastair Kinross
Head of A&R
Insanity Records
Andrew Roach
Senior Talent Manager
Barbara Marki
Finance Supervisor
Bradley Russell
Assistant Management Accountant
Busayo Adeniran
Junior A&R Manager
Insanity Records
Caroline Subedi
Senior Legal Counsel
Carrie Wallder
Senior Partnerships Manager
Cathy Knox
Talent Manager
Charlotte Mason
Production Manager
Insanity Studios
Chris Briggs
A&R Executive
Insanity Records
Chloe Roberts
Head of Live
Insanity Live
Courtneay Mann
Senior Talent Manager
Darcy Dixon
Talent Coordinator
Demi Papa-Adams
Talent Manager
Edd Buckley
Head of Digital
Insanity Studios
Ed Griffiths
Senior Talent Manager
Elisha Voller
Talent Manager
Ellenia Panayiotou
Marketing Assistant
Insanity Records
Ellise Fickling
Talent Manager
Emma Seccombe
Head of Marketing
Insanity Records
Estelle Graham
Talent Coordinator
Insanity Live
Ethon Muschett
Finance Assistant
Faye Barnes
Talent Coordinator
Fin Kemp
Consultant Talent Manager
Georgia Katz
Talent Coordinator
Harry Grenville
Senior Talent Manager
Heather Winstanley
Senior Talent Manager
Iqra Aslam
Legal Counsel
Jake Kleinman
Talent Manager
Jay Richardson
Assistant Management Accountant
Jodie Brunning
A&R Manager
Insanity Records
Jon Bailey
Senior Talent Manager
Jonny Wilkinson
Senior Talent Manager
Kasam Asghar
Legal Counsel
Kathryn Norris
Talent Coordinator
Kieran Cullen
Senior Marketing Manager
Insanity Records
Laura Coleman
Talent Manager
Lauren Li
Talent Assistant
Leona McCaul
Senior Talent Manager
Luana Levene
Office Coordinator
Marc Sheinman
Senior Talent Manager
Megan Pidgeon
Talent Manager
Milan Churchill
Talent Coordinator
Millie Farrow
Digital & Audience Development Manager
Insanity Records
Natalie Amos
Talent Manager
Nadia Zegmott
Talent Manager
Rebecca Boyce
Senior Talent Manager
Russell Garnett
Senior Talent Manager
Saffron Mirza
Senior Producer
Insanity Studios
Sara Fernandez Badrane
Talent Cordinator
Sarah McIntosh
Legal Counsel
Sarah Fallarino
Senior Talent Manager
Seb Jewell
Senior Talent Manager
Tak Chigonda
Finance Assistant
Thomas Jones
Head of Audience
Insanity Records